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Brian Benson Harvesting

This service truck allows the crew to service and provide routine maintenance in a quick, efficient manner.  This insures the machine will get the maintenance it needs without delaying the start of the harvesting day.  It also provides air tools, electricity, cutting and welding equipment, hand tools and spare parts to allow quick repair and return to harvesting for most situations.


Our late model equpment is kept in top condition with extensive winter maintenance to prevent many harvesting breakdowns and allow us to keep on the move whether harvesting or moving to the next stop all summer and fall.  We were raised on the farm and understand the importance of a quick, high quality harvest.   We don't get paid for crop on the ground, only the grain we get in the elevator!   




This four door Peterbilt allows us to efficiently and quickly move equipment and bunk houses to the next job. 

Mississippi Delta Corn Harvest


Loading a cornhead before heading south


Contact us for all of your harvesting needs.  We are now looking for crew members for 2005 so contact us if  you are looking for an rewarding opportunity to work and travel the great agricultural heartland of the United States from May to December

Brian Benson Harvesting -- Coyle,Ok. 405-880-0463