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Brian Benson Harvesting

Welcome to Brian Benson Harvesting's web site.
Take a look at our web site and get to know us better

Welcome to our home page!

We have been in the harvesting business since 1998 and on the next few pages we will explore with you our equipment and qualifications to service your harvesting needs. 

Running a business is never easy, but building communication with all crew members is essential to an efficient operation.  Each crew member knows his/her job and everyone elses' so that all can pitch in to get the best possible results in the quickest, most efficient manner. 
We are experienced harvesters of wheat, milo, corn, soybeans, rice, canola, flax, mung beans, cow peas and other specialty crops.  We have the equipment to get your crops out in an efficient, timely manner.  This includes ridid and flex platfroms, narrow and wide row cornheads, Peterbilt semis and grain carts. 
Our modern 9750 STS John Deere combines are equipped with four wheel drive, countour master, Green Star with GPS and mapping and fire extinguishers. 
 We are very safety minded and pride ourselves on our safety record.  We are quick and efficient but never get in such a hurry that we forget safety. 
Let us help you with all of your harvest needs. 

I am Brian Benson, the owner of Benson Harvesting

Brian Benson, left, reviews the days schedule as he gives a combine a final inspection before loading.
Please get in touch to discuss your specific harvesting needs or if you would like an exciting and rewarding job opportunity on our custom harvesting crew for 2005
You can e-mail us at:

Brian Benson Harvesting -- Coyle,Ok. 405-880-0463